Process optimization made easy

Our Solution

Statistance is a digital assistant that allows manufacturing companies to select and perform appropriate statistical analysis for data-driven process optimization without expensive and extensive trainings.

Enable everyone to analyze their own process

Statistance is all about enabling your staff to analyze your own processes without being a statistical expert.

Support understanding the results

With Statistance you can focus on the decision making instead of interpreting the data.

Assist choosing the right statistical analysis

The requirements of statistical methods are interactively queried and enable you to select the right method in no time.

Use the potentials of data-based analysis

Data analysis is no longer done by the „chosen ones“. Analyze and improve processes by yourself.

Our experts

Ariza Alvarez, Julian 40

PhD. Quality Science/ Process Optimization

Certified process expert
(Six Sigma Black Belt)

> 4 years Consultancy

Dr. Julian E. Ariza Alvarez

Johannes Schober

PhD. Quality Science/ Statistical Analysis

Certified process and method expert
(Lean Six Sigma Black Belt)

> 5 years University Lecturer 

Dr. Johannes Schober

Stephan Siek

Software Developer

In-depth experience building web services, as well as parallel and distributed intelligent systems

> 10 years Software Development

Stephan Siek

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  • Statistance
  • Hardenbergstr. 38, 10623 Berlin
  • Sekr. AM1

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About us

Our scientific background in process optimization and data analytics together with our long-time experience with manufacturing companies ensure our capability to create a goal-oriented scientific solution for  industrial needs.

Our mission

Data-driven analysis is not witchcraft but important to  manufacturing companies. We enable them to achieve their data-based potential without expensive and extensive training.

Our offer

  • In-house consultancy
  • Applying fitting analytical methods
  • Decision making based on your data and environment