What do we actually do at Statistance

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Why choose us


Data analytics can be easy

Data driven processes are hard to handle because extensive knowledge is needed to gain insights from the collected data.

With us they become easy to handle!

Specific recommendations

We generate individual and easy-to-implement recommendations for action.

No more cryptic KPIs and statistical models anymore!

No external consultant needed

Data analytics personnel is quite expensive. Regardless of being in your payroll or not, they still need an onboarding to understand your processes

Your staff can manage the data and optimize your processes by themselves, no onboarding needed!

Monitor and optimize in one go

Data analytics software and process monitoring are two different systems that currently do not communicate with each other.

Both systems become one with us. Keep track and optimize your processes in one go!
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LeitArt Gesellschaft für Mittelstandskybernetik mbH
EBK Krüger GmbH & Co. KG
4talents analytics GmbH
LeBit Software & Consult GmbH
Fachgebiet Qualitätswissenschaft
proXcel GmbH
Centre for Entrepreneurship
Venture Leap GmbH
Technische Universität Berlin

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