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parallax background

Characteristics of our customized assistants


Research background

With our research background and expertise in manufacturing processes we transform research into proven solutions for continuous process improvement using data. No gut feeling decisions anymore, but reproducible decisions and results based on data.

Easy to use

Our Systems are made for anyone involved in the manufacturing processes. No data analytics experts needed to run analysis or to use our software. Focus your staff knowledge on the processes and not on abtract analysis!

Adapted to your process

Software systems should adapt to processes and not the other way around. Our software systems are made to support you and your processes. Therefore we adapt to fit your process, and with this integration and go-live is done quickly.

Efficient and effective

Focus your staff on the activities that are needed to create added value to your customers. No more wasting time and effort in gathering data, and making reports, we do this automatically accordign to your needs.

Interested in your own analytics assistant?