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What our analytics assistants are used for


The overall goal of our assistants is to optimize manufacturing processes without expensive and extensive training.


1Based on applied research
Our digital assistants were created based on several years of research in the field of quality science and data-driven decision making.
2Incorporate analytics in daily work without effort
Our digital assistant aims at manufacturing staff to allow them to easily select and perform appropriate statistical analysis on a daily basis.
3User focussed and task-centered
Our assistant was designed for production employees and adapted to their needs in terms of analysis methods, language and handling.

Our contribution to your business

Analytics made easy for your staff

We enable everyone to analyze their own process

Always the appropriate method

We assist your staff in choosing the right statistical analysis

Know anytime what´s next

We guide your staff through the analytical process in an understandable way

Understand why you do what you do

We support your staff in understanding the results and the actions to take.

Get specific recommendations

We generate for you individual and easy-to-implement recommendations for action.

How to use our assistant


Answer some questions and get the right analysis

Get to the appropriate analytical method by answering a couple of simple questions.

Follow the step-by-step instructions

Follow the step-by-step and guided instructions about how to collect trustworthy and clean data

Perform the chosen statistical analysis

Let us calculate the statistical models and KPIs needed as a base for your decision

Display results with specific actions

We translate the statistical models and results into actions to improve the actual process

How we enable you to gain insights from your data



We simplify the data-based approaches by focusing your process knowledge on the task to be done and not in the calculations. Use your process knowledge to the best and let us do the statistics.
MSA_From the getgo

Support from the get-go

We support you at the very beginning of the improvement process, i.e. we make sure you have trustworthy data to rely on. We give you an answer to the following questions:
  • - How much data do you really need?
  • - How does the data need to be set up for the analysis?

Focus on proven methods

We do not concentrate on the amount of analysis methods incorporated in our assistant but in the easy application of proven methods so that you benefit directly from the state-of-the-art analysis.

No bull approach! Only proven results.

We translate the statistical models and their results into recommendations for action. No trial and error anymore, only statistically proven results count!