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A few words about
our company

Our goal is to optimize your manufacturing processes as well as your data, to enable full use of them while providing the best results. Your processes are fast, easy to manage and your response speed is high.

Our scientific background in process optimization and data analytics together with our long-time experience with manufacturing companies ensure our capability to create a goal-oriented scientific solution for industrial needs.

parallax background
parallax background

Our Vision

Every employee is with Statistance able to independently carry out data analyzes on it´s own processes, without training and without consultants!

Our Mission

We are a young start-up from Berlin, which aims to make statistics and data analytics easy to use for manufacturing companies of all sizes.

Our contribution to your business

Our Solutions helps your staff...

selecting and implementing

suitable statistical analyzes to optimize data-driven processes.


the statistical results/measures into simple language


specific recommendations for action.

giving information

on the potential of the recommended actions.
With us decision-makers can enjoy the advantages of using their own data and of digitalized processes.

Meet our team

Dr. Julian E. Ariza Alvarez


He is a former researcher in in the field of Quality Science focusing his research in the process optimization approaches.

Over 6 years in consultancy and training process optimization experts .

Dr. Johannes Schober


He is also a former researcher in Quality Science focusing his research in the selection and application of data-driven analysis methods.

Over 6 years project manager in industrial projects and as university lecturer in three universities.

Stephan Siek


He is a versed Software Architect with over 15 years experience specialized in parallel and distributed intelligent systems

As a former researcher he developed diverse assistance systems for industry.

Theodor Neunzerling


He built the alumini network for the master programm Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability of the TU Berlin.

Sustainability and Financial Management are his forte.

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