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The work environment 4.0 is advancing and Statistance, with its simple handling, offers you the means to benefit from it.


1Quality evaluations at product feature level
Quality evaluations at product feature level allow you to draw conclusions about the strengths and weaknesses of each of your suppliers
2Continuous performance evaluations
The continuous evaluation of the performance and quality of the delivered goods enables you to detect changes in the quality of your suppliers. This is a key factor in determining the quality of your suppliers' products and services.
3Inspection allocation according to competence level
With the help of our module for incoming goods inspection, the individual inspections can be assigned to employees according to their level of competence and expertise.
4Increase your inspection quality
Improve the quality of your inspection and stabilize your inspection process using statistical models without having to worry about the calculations.

Our contribution to your business


Expose bottlenecks

By digitizing the inspection process, the inspection procedures can be thoroughly monitored and bottlenecks are exposed

Reduce inspection costs

The optimal use of resources reduces previously necessary rework and increases the quality of the company's own products

Accelerate the process

Through the optimal resource allocation, the inspections become more efficient
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Improve process control

The entire manufacturing process can be better controlled, as the inspection plans can be optimally aligned with the desired production

Speed up reaction

By monitoring supplier performance (error rate, delivery reliability, yield), problems can be identified and tackled immediately
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How we do all that


Statistics made easy

With statistics the inspection effort can be minimized. The automatic data evaluation enables you to carry out the necessary annual analysis of your company.

Performance tracking

By monitoring supplier performance, error rates, delivery reliability, and yield, etc. your staff can evaluate and assess your suppliers at any time. This way your staff can act according to reliable data. No more gut feeling.

Enhance your supply chain

Test protocols and reports are automatically generated for your suppliers in real time, so that they get detailed information in which specific quality feature of the delivered goods they are lacking.

Quality feature level control

Quality evaluations at product feature level provide conclusions about strengths and weaknesses of the individual supplier companies. Suppliers can thus immediately identify possible improvements in their own processes.

Why choose our system

  • Our Systems adapts to your processes
    Our IGI module is dynamic and is adapted according to your way of working. The system learns as you use it and suggests changes for improvement.

  • Create transparency in your incoming goods department
    You can carry out your own evaluations, e.g. of inspection times (per characteristic, per product), product groups and suppliers, and display them transparently for everyone.

  • Integrate or not, your choice!
    You can connect our system with existing merchandise management systems or use it independently. The interconnection allows you to align the manufacturing process to your manufacturing goals.

  • Adapted to the knowledge level of your employees
    Even those inexperienced in the field of quality testing can be guided and trained step by step through the ideal inspection process.

  • Let collected & historic data work for you.
    The longer data about suppliers is collected, the more accurate Statistance can make a forecast about their performance.

  • Collect data without effort
    The automatic data evaluation by Statistance facilitates the necessary and regularly analysis of your company.

  • Allocate your resources accordign to the workload
    The workload of the inpesction personnel is visualized and can be adjusted in individual cases. Using our IGI module allows you to keep track of your process and activities.